Presenters List

MEET OUR 2022 Presenters

See our qualified list of presenters along with their co-presenters. These topics are sure to motivate, enlighten, strengthen and empower your teams or individual practice!

Franchesca Brutley
Franchesca Brutley, M.Ed, LPCA
Intersectionality of Spirituality, Gender and Race: How Counselors Can Better Work with Black Trans Clients
Anthony Andrews, Ph.D
Anthony Andrews, Ph.D, LCMHC-S, CRC, CCS
The Misdiagnosis of the Negro: Addressing Trauma Through a Lens of Critical Race Theory
Jasmine Newsome
Jasmine Newsome, MS, APC, NCC
We Ready: Preventing, Resisting and Healing Academic Racial Trauma
Betty Wilson
Betty Wilson, MSW LMSW
Lacerated Souls: Police Violence and the Right on Mental Health
Charryse Johnson: Branding
Dr. Charryse Johnson, LCMHC NCC
Ethical Approaches to Trauma-informed Care, Racial Equity, and Expanding Your Reach
Portia Allie-Turco
Portia Allie-Turco LMHC, NCC
The Price of Being Strong": Uncovering and Treating Disordered Eating in Black Women
Tyce Nadrich, PhD
Tyce Nadrich, PhD, LMHC, ACS, NCC
Being the Right Kind of Help: Black Paternal Mental Health Throughout the Perinatal Period
Jodi Jarrett
Jodi Jarrett MS, LPC-A, NCC
Self-care for Heroes: Black Motherhood, Mental Health, and the Superwoman Schema
Niah Dickson
Niah Dickson LCMHC, CRC
Understanding the Cultural Aspects of Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities
Shon, EdD, Smith
Shon Smith, EdD
Assessing Racism and Treating Racial Trauma
Anitra Powell
Anitra Powell, MA
‘Two-ness’ The Double Masking of African American Ph.D. Students
Breahannah Hilaire
Breahannah Hilaire, LMHC
Reexamining Risk for Suicide and Self Harm among Black Youth
Chantrelle Varnado-Johnson, PhD
Chantrelle Varnado-Johnson, PhD, LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist, BC-TMH, NCC
Creating Counter-Spaces for Black Female Counselor Education Students: Fostering Career Mentoring Relationships
Guy Beauduy
Guy Beauduy, M.Ed., LAC, NCC, CRC
Cross-Institutional Mentorship Among Black Men in Counselor Education: The Impact of Support Newtorks on the Career Development of Black Men in Counseling
Devona Stalnaker-Shofner EdD
Applying Critical Race Theory to the Decolonization of Counseling Curriculum and Practice
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany R. Williams, PhD
Do Social Support and Resilience Reduce Black Women's Gendered Racism-Related Trauma?
Cha'Ke'Sha Spencer, LPC, NCC, CPCS
"I’m good”: Wellness Practices and Barriers to Black Counselor Wellness
Counseling Supervision Online: What’s New Ethically and Why it’s Here to Stay
Tiffany P. Brooks, PhD
Tiffany P. Brooks, PhD, APC, NCC
Working with Various Aspects of Identity: Providing Culturally Informed Career Counseling for Your Black Clients
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook, BS
Dismantling the Legacy of Sexual Abuse within Black Families
Shea Dunham
Shea Dunham PhD., LCPC, LMFT
Unique Strengths & Challenges of African American Couples
Thomasina Lawson PhD
Thomasina Lawson, PhD, LPC, ACS, BC-TMH
From Self-Care to Soul-Care: Restorative AF Practices for Clinician
Jasmaine Ataga
Jasmine Ataga, LPC RPT NCC
Narrative Expressive Poetry-Holistic Trauma Education
Dr. J. Richelle Joe
J. Richelle Joe, Ph.D., NCC
First, Do No Harm: Prioritizing Ethical Obligations with Clients Affected by HIV