Help us ensure the wellness of one Million African American people

The #1MillionWell Movement is an aim to ensure the mental wellness of 1 million Black people through the Black Mental Health Symposium (BMHS). When mental health professionals, educators, students, practitioners, church and community leaders are equipped with culturally-specific interventions they are able to conduct work that improves the mental wellness in Black communities. Using what we learn with our clients, students, employees, supervisees, church and community members we will be able to ensure the mental welless of 1 million Black people.


Commit yourself to the work.

Using approaches that hinge upon Eurocentric values and norms to treat the nuances of the Black experience is oppressive and negligent. We must commit to learning culturally-responsive interventions to effect change in the mental health of Black people.

Pre-Register to attend the Black Mental Health Symposium 2022.

We are underway planning our 2022 Black Mental Health Symposium. Drop us an email so we can keep you in the know. Pre-registration in coming soon. 

Take what you learn at the Symposium and use it for the improvement of Black clients.

Although you will be affirmed, filled, and empowered through this event, this high will just be beginning. You will be tasked with taking what you learn and apply it to the Black people you work with. The goal is for us to reach 1 million Black people, together.

Tell others about the Symposium and invite them to the event.

We will not effectively impact 1 million Black people with the Symposium being a best kept secret. Keeping quiet has hurt the Black community in so many ways. Commit to not letting this be one of those ways. Invite others, you won’t be sorry. Group discounts are available.

Wear merchandise to spread awareness about the challenge even if you cannot attend the event.

In the most perilous times we have been united by statement wear, or clothing that bears messages. Even if you cannot attend the event, please consider spreading the word about #1MillionWell to help us reach more people by purchasing merchandise.

Get involved. Conduct research on Black mental wellness and share your findings at the Black Mental Health Symposium.

Research about Black people is still very much lacking in scholarly journals, at professional conferences, and in other places where decisions are made about treatment, funding, policy and legislature. Your voice is important. Come to the Symposium to learn more.

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Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

Donate to LifeSkills Cares, Inc. to remove financial barriers for prospective attendees who cannot afford registration.

Each year, we receive inquiries about scholarships to waive registration fees for students, displaced employees, or retirees who want to attend the event but cannot. Your financial support enables them to work alongside us to restore wellness to one million Black people.

Thank you for your pledge to donate into individuals unable to attend due to financial barriers. We'll be in touch soon.

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